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o Blood Pressure Monitoring Set
o Blood Glucose meter
o Walking Frame, Stick, Quad, Wheelchair etc
o Fever meter
o Pedometer

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“Pharmacist? Medicine Seller? Ya… ya…, I know!” Many of us may not really know the roles of a pharmacist. I remember it was quoted somewhere that “Pharmacy is a practice and art of preparing and dispensing drugs,” and “pharmacists are the health professionals who perform the art”.

Traditionally, pharmacists receive medical prescriptions and dispense the medication to the patients providing consultation accordingly to ensure the safety use of these medications. As we approached the 21st century, the roles of pharmacists have evolved into wider scopes and it depends on the branch of the profession they are in.

In the community, pharmacists also participate in disease state management, for instance, diabetes and hypertension, to optimize and monitor drug therapy often in collaboration with physician and/or other health professionals.

Pharmacists, an important source of medical knowledge, also act as an informed intermediary between patients and healthcare providers to ensure that proper medical therapy is chosen and delivered. Do not hesitate to consult your pharmacists if in doubt of your medications and regimens; The pharmacists are always there for you.

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